Merrick Bank blog name winner

Name Our Blog Contest Winner

My name is Heather B. How I came up with the name of “goBlog”? I was going onto the Merrick Bank website to check my credit card balance. I saw the contest and decided to enter. What made me think of the name is to keep it simple and stick with the current theme on the Merrick Bank website. “goPaperless”, “goScore”, and “goMobile”.

Being with Merrick Bank just recently has really been a great experience for me. I have been through some financial downfalls in the past and was given an opportunity to re-establish my credit with out having to have a secured credit card. Merrick Bank has helped me do that. I am grateful for the confidence they had in me. Thank you Merrick Bank!

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Fiscal Fitness Part I – Getting Your Credit In Shape

The list of things we “should” do is always growing, isn’t it? You should get more sleep, drink more water, and work out more. You should give up soda, call your mom more often, and volunteer for a charity. Our already over-busy lives are full of good intentions that never get done, but fiscal fitness is something we should all tackle. Getting a handle on your finances can have a big affect on many other areas of your life including your relationships, health, and work (just to name a few). Though the challenge of getting fiscally fit might seem daunting when you first start, it’s really not that difficult if you break it down into smaller pieces.

 1) Evaluating your credit – Identifying your weaknesses

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Credit Q&A: Debit and Prepaid Cards

There’s no shortage of information available about best practices for managing your credit. Unfortunately, some sources are less reliable than others, and some “facts” have been distorted into widely believed misconceptions – like financial old wives’ tales.

Here is a commonly asked credit-related question and answer that will put you on the right track for sensible credit management:

Question: Does using a debit or prepaid card improve my credit score the way responsible credit card use does?

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