Build your savings

Ways To Start Building Your Savings

With 40% of Americans saving less this year than last, building your savings can seem like an almost impossible task when there are bills to pay and your income doesn’t increase at the same, or a greater rate, as your expenses. But as part of a routine, finding ways to save money helps you to really think through your routine spending habits and can offer an opportunity to learn new habits that might provide better long-term financial outcomes.


There are countless ways to save, but these few suggestions offer a good place to start:


  • Create a place or places to put your savings — If you don’t have a savings account, you should open one. Some people open more than one savings account to help them set different savings goals (i.e.; vacation, holidays, education, etc.). Even a piggy bank can suffice if you don’t want to open a savings account. The idea is to have a repository for your saved dollars and a tangible savings location that allows you to see the results of your efforts ongoing and whenever you’d like.

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Merrick Bank blog name winner

Name Our Blog Contest Winner

My name is Heather B. How I came up with the name of “goBlog”? I was going onto the Merrick Bank website to check my credit card balance. I saw the contest and decided to enter. What made me think of the name is to keep it simple and stick with the current theme on the Merrick Bank website. “goPaperless”, “goScore”, and “goMobile”.

Being with Merrick Bank just recently has really been a great experience for me. I have been through some financial downfalls in the past and was given an opportunity to re-establish my credit with out having to have a secured credit card. Merrick Bank has helped me do that. I am grateful for the confidence they had in me. Thank you Merrick Bank!

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